Capabilities & Capacities

CM Morris is your one-stop shop for all of your custom machining and fabrication project needs. We offer an extensive range of in-house capacities and work with a broad network of dependable suppliers to get any job done, even if we do not have the machine internally.

CM Morris also specializes in emergency machine repairs which save our clients both time and money in lost production.

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Dedicated professionals

Our dedicated team of professionals are certified in their respective trades and work with our general machinists and administrative staff to provide you with the best in quality and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to our clients’ unique challenges while emphasizing attentiveness and safety. Our processes strive to eliminate wastefulness and reduce pollution where possible. We furthermore design our customized solutions to prevent malfunctions, ensuring you receive a durable, high-quality product that can meet your current and future needs.

High-quality Machines

Our investment in high quality machines enables our team to work accurately and efficiently, producing a superior final product regardless of the industry. CM Morris Design offers numerous in-house tools including lathes, milling machining centres, electrical discharge machines, surface grinders and saw cutters. Even if you are not sure which tools you need to tackle your next machining or fabrication project, let the professionals at CM Morris Design provide you with innovative, tailored solutions!

Technical specifications

In some circumstances, capacities can be increased for specific applications.


4× CNC Turning Centers
with capacity up to 19" × 40" length.

6× Conventional Lathes
with capacity up to 24" diameter × 160" length between centers or 36" diameter (with gap removed) × 11" length.

1× Vertical Turret Lathe
with capacity up to 56" diameter × 40" length.


3× CNC Machining Centers
with capacity up to 52" × 25" × 23" vertical travel.

2× Machining Centers
eqiupped with 4th axis up to 12" diameter.

4× Conventional Milling Machines
with capacity up to 42" × 16" × 18" vertical travel.

Surface Grinding

2× Surface Grinders
with capacity up to 40" × 16" × 14" vertical travel.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

1× Sink EDM
with capacity up to 8" × 6.5" × 14" vertical travel.

Saw Cutting

2× Band Saws
with capacity up to 9" diameter or 9" × 18" rectangular.